Overcoming Blocks

“Know that your thoughts have no power without your permission. You’re the only one who can give away your permission and your power. Become conscious of your thoughts and the things to which you give your power.”–SL Taylor

overcoming blocks When you feel like you’re stuck in the proverbial rut and it seems impossible to overcome these blocks and move ahead you may be locked in a pattern of self-limiting beliefs. This type of belief pattern is very real and serves to hold you back from building your business and achieving your desires.

But, self-limiting beliefs aren’t based on you what you truly believe about yourself and your abilities. They’re based on the opinions and limiting beliefs of others. And, if you allow yourself to cultivate and ingrain these opinions or beliefs into your core values your dreams, goals, and aspirations may never be achieved.

That’s because what you’re trying to achieve isn’t what you authentically want. Instead, you’ve put your dreams, goals, and aspirations on hold to achieve the dreams, goals, and aspirations of others.

So here are a few questions to give serious consideration if you feel you haven’t been able to overcome your blocks and move forward and create the life and business your desire and deserve.

  1. On the whole, I am satisfied with my business?

    If the answer is No, why not?

  1. At times, I think I am no good at all and that people will believe that I’m a fraud. If the answer is Yes, why?

Who told you this and when?

Was this a true statement?

Why did you believe them?

What have you done in your life that proves this self-limiting belief is untrue?

  1. I feel I do not have much to be proud of. If this is true, why?

Who made you feel less than proud and when?

How did they make you feel this way?

Was it something they said or did?

Why did you believe them?

What have you done in your life that proves this self-limiting belief is untrue?

  1. I certainly feel useless at times. If this is true, why?

What makes you feel this way?

Who said you were useless?

Why did you believe them?

What have you done in your life that proves this self-limiting belief is untrue?

  1. All in all, I am inclined to feel that I am a failure.

What or who makes you feel this way?

Who said you were a failure?

Why did you believe them?

What have you done in your life that proves this self-limiting belief is untrue?

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Empowering Yourself

What you love you empower-what you fear you empower-and what you empower you attract.–Author Unknown

empowerEmpower means: the power to make choices relevant to one’s situation, acting with confidence. It’s about realizing that you have the power to take control of your own destiny and make the choice to create the life and business you desire.

Your thoughts and feelings go hand in hand, If you spend much of your time self-identifying with the fear you feel, then this becomes your self-image. Your self-image determines how others see and treat you.

Empowering yourself is possibly the most important thing you can in terms of realizing your desires. The more you empower yourself, the more you act with confidence. The more you’re able to see the real potential of who you are, and change your self-image. As the circle continues, this more confident self-image now determines how others see and treat you.

Empowering yourself is also to some a scary proposition. If you truly want to be empowered you must first take responsibility for your life. Period. You must accept without a doubt that you created or co-created every situation in your life. That doesn’t mean placing blame or feeling shame.

Acceptance is Key

It simply means that you have to accept that the choices you’ve made up to this point have led to where you are in life right now. Most mental health professionals will say that this leads to a blame the victim mentality. However, if you are empowered and making decisions based purely on your core values, then you will not be a victim.

If something unpleasant or even horrible happens in your life and/or business, you’ll have the tools to deal with it. You will not see yourself as a victim of circumstance. You’ll see yourself as someone who currently has a situation that needs to be dealt with and you’ll find the best resources available to deal with it. No matter the situation.

Taking the Steps

1. Acknowledge and accept where you are right now. Once you do this, you can then say to yourself, “this is where I AM and that’s okay for now.” Knowing and accepting where you are will give you a clear understanding of what you need to do to move forward.

2. Figure out what you do want. You have to be specific. Just simply knowing what you don’t want isn’t good enough. Pose these questions-what do I want from my business? Why am I in business? What is the ultimate outcome I want for myself and my clients? Who do I want to serve? The answers are there you just have to know how to listen for them. This where meditation can be beneficial. It will allow you to quiet all the inner fear so you can hear the answers to your questions.

3. Deal with any resistance you feel to the answers you’ve been given. This may require you to change your beliefs. Remember if you believe you can’t then you can’t. You have to start to believe it’s possible. Learning to monitor your feelings will help you. When you think of your newly set direction in life, pay close attention to the feelings you get.

If you feel feel doubt, fear, anxiety, or any other negative emotion, then stop for a moment and determine what you were just thinking that caused those feelings. Take each thought one at a time. For instance, you find that fear or anxiety kicks in when you’re thinking of your new direction. And you determine you were thinking, I’m not smart enough to do this.”

Then ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” And start thinking and listing all the things that you’ve done in your life that say otherwise. Always turn the negative into a positive.

If the fear or anxiety is deeply rooted, and you can’t use these techniques to move past it, you may need to seek the aid of a coach to discover why you can’t let it go. But generally, just turning the negative thought on itself is enough to move past it.

4. The last step is to have faith and allow. Once you’ve dealt with the negativity concerning the change, have faith that you’re taking a positive step in the right direction. Allow it to happen. Relax and pay attention to how events unfold.

You’re on the path to becoming who you really are and sharing your beautiful unique gifts with those who need to receive them. Your past holds only memories of what was and your future holds the promise of what you create. This is empowerment. You now have the power to take control and make the choices that allow you to create the business of your dreams and live the life you desire and deserve.

If I can help support you in finding the root cause of your fear so you can move through it and share your life changing message with those who need to hear it, then don’t hesitate to reach out via the Keep In Touch page. I’d be honored to help you make your dreams come true.

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What Do You Get From Fear

“If I would not do something – right now – I would never get to live my dreams in waiting.”—― Gisela Hausmann

fearFear lurks in the shadows and is the greatest form of self-sabotage when it comes to stepping up and sharing your life changing message with those who need to hear it.

In some cases our feelings of fear are very valid. Fear keeps us from doing some stupid shit that could be dangerous to ourselves and others or ruin our reputations.

But, it’s when you allow fear to stop you dead in your tracks and steal your dreams that it’s taken away your power. So to get past your fear it’s time to shine a little light on it and see it for what it really is and what it does for you.

I Struggled Too

I used to struggle with debilitating fear, I was so afraid of being seen as fraud in the early days of my hobby that for two years I wouldn’t even try to get any clients. That’s why it was hobby and not a business. It was getting to the point that I was almost forced to go back to a corporate J.O.B.

The one thing that I came to understand is that none of us do anything unless we get some kind of pay back and the payback we get is different for each of us.

For me, the payback was about fear of success–if I had success I’d forced to repeat it or people would expect something from me, the need to be taken care of, and allowing my family history to dominate me-that could fall under another whole series of blogs;-).

Coaching Works

I knew deep down inside that my purpose here was to help others. And. That’s what I held on to. That was my excuse for hanging in there but not really doing anything to move forward. Then one day during a call with my coach she point blank asked me…what I got of using this fear? I couldn’t answer her right then.

But she followed it up with a few questions that really changed my entire mindset. She asked me in a very frustrated tone….who are you not to step up and share your message with those who need to hear it?

Then she went on to say…you keep telling me that you’re here to help others. There are people out there who need your specific solution to solve their challenges. If you don’t provide it what will they do? If you don’t provide it neither one of you will get to live your dreams. How can you rob yourself and someone else of their dreams?

By the time I got off that call I was shaking, I was crying, I was so angry. How dare she? Then the more I thought about it-how dare she not. Wasn’t this why I hired her in the first place? The mindset shift was almost instantaneous, but the follow-through took more work and doing a lot of things despite the fear.

What About You?

What kind of fear is holding you back and what payback do get from it? Who are the people out there who need your life-changing message to solve their biggest challenges and what are they gong to do without it?

Is holding on to your fear worth robbing yourself of your dreams? Or maybe worse robbing someone else of their dreams?

Only you can know for sure what’s in your heart. But, what I know for sure is that the world will be a much better place when you step up and share your gifts.

If I can help support you in finding the root cause of your fear so you can move through it and share your life changing message with those who need to hear it, then don’t hesitate to reach out via the Keep In Touch page. I’d be honored to help you make your dreams come true.

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Follow-Through in All You Do

I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through – then follow through.–Eddie Rickenbacker

start finishI’m a huge baseball fan. I follow my home town Tampa Bay Rays. I love baseball because it’s a sport of nuances. An inch here or there can make the difference between winning and losing. And, when you’re learning to swing for the fences coaches always emphasize the importance of follow-through. It’s not just hitting the ball that matters, it’s how you continue your swing once contact is made.

The same idea applies when you’re talking about your business. Without purposeful follow-through on your actions and interactions with your prospects and ideal clients you won’t be able to build your dream.

So often we feel that we’ve done all we need to do because the consultation or coaching session is over, or the sale has been made. But, we under estimate just how powerful it is to continue developing, relationships even after they’ve been set in place.

As Ultimate Soulution Providers it’s our responsibility to take responsibility for our ideal clients getting the soulutions they need to solve their challenges. Now, you can’t make someone actually take the steps they need to. But, you can continue to follow-through on giving them the steps and asking the right questions.

It’s Not Just What, But How

When we think of follow-through, we tend to think of taking creative action. But a large part of follow-through is about first figuring out how things will be done. This where you should always begin with the end in mind. Know exactly what outcome you want to achieve and then work backwards to define your goals and just how youll reach them.

What steps will be needed to accomplish them? Wholl do which steps and when? What is the desired time line? If a strategy doesn’t address the hows, it’s almost certainly doomed to fail.


A good organizational system will support follow-through more than almost anything. If you’re among the organizationally challenged, you can try one of two things to help you become more organized:

1. Make a commitment, buy an organization book or two, reserve a weekend , and just do it. Get organized once and for all. You’re not likely to follow through well, if at all, when the disorganization gremlin has hold of you. Getting organized is one of the biggest keys to success; not doing so is an extremely common and most unfortunate form of self-sabotage.

2. Hire someone to organize you and keep you that way. The investment will pay for itself when you begin following through more consistently.

If you’re working with a team, delegating should also be central part of an organizational system. Delegating is an efficient way to ensure that the greatest number of tasks, including follow-up tasks, get done in the shortest amount of time. If you want to be successful, don’t be afraid to dole out the workload to others. The key is to always think in terms of the big picture instead of focusing only on whatever task is in front of you at the moment.

Proactivity and Integrity

Following through is about taking creative action and having integrity. If you tell someone you’re going to do something then keep your word.

When you say you’ll do something, be scrupulous in meeting your commitment. If you can’t deliver it, don’t promise it.

In networking, rapid follow-up can mean the difference between landing a new client or losing out. Getting in contact with people soon after meeting them means they’ll remember you, increasing the likelihood they’ll eventually buy from you.

Be sure to send a thank you note after you sign a new client. This will make you stand out from the others, allowing you to foster a better relationship with your client. Also, a short thank-you note gives you a great excuse to add anything you forgot to say in a meeting or consultation, or to highlight details you only glossed over.

Lack of follow-through is the primary element missing when your client intake isn’t keeping pace with leads you’ve generated. You may have hundreds of leads with a great deal of potential. But unless you follow through and actively pursue these leads, they will not turn into new clients.

When it comes to follow-through, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing. But following-up as frequently and best as you can, can mean the difference between creating a successful business and creating a business that just survives.

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Top 10 Benefits of Mindfulness

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”
― Robin S. Sharma

mindfulness 0229Mindfulness is a powerful tool that is the perfect tonic to modern day stress and anxiety. But it goes far beyond that and can be instrumental in helping you improve in a vast range of different ways. Read on and we’ll go over 10 of these many benefits to demonstrate just how transformative mindfulness really is…

It helps reduce stress

Mindfulness teaches us how to be present and how to exist in the moment. This helps us to rise above the stressful thoughts we might be having and even to ‘reprogram’ them in some cases.

It improves focus

Mindfulness practice requires intense focus and mental discipline. This is something that many people are lacking these days owing to the constant distractions we get from our technology and our general ability to get any information or entertainment in seconds.

It’s free and easy

It’s something anyone can practice. Once you understand the concept and have been taught the basics, this is something you can do anywhere and with no equipment. It can even be taught over the web!

It helps you sleep

Studies show that mindfulness can be used effectively to combat insomnia. Sleep is a fundamental need. When get enough sleep your creativity flows. And, that allows to solve problems more easily.

It combats negative emotions

In general, mindfulness can be used to make dealing with almost any negative emotion considerably easier.

It enriches life

Being mindful means being present and that in turn means being aware of all the wonderful things happening around you. Instead of being in your own head, you start actually experiencing the world around you. This can even enhance your relationships.

You’ll learn about yourself

Learning to ‘observe’ your own mind is an amazing skill that teaches you about how your own brain works. This is both fascinating and a very useful skill for growth and development.

You’ll learn about others

And when you learn more about yourself, you learn more about the minds of others too. Mindfulness will give you the means to step up and help your clients transform their lives as well.

Embracing mindfulness and bringing it in to all you do, will help you to create a better business and a better life for you and those who depend on you.

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The Perfectionist Quiz

“Healthy striving is self-focused: “How can I improve?” Perfectionism is other-focused: “What will they think?”― Brené Brown

perfectAlmost everyone pursues perfection — doing the best job you can, setting goals and working hard to reach them, maintaining high standards.

Even though I I finally realized perfectionism isn’t about any of this it still took me a very long time to let go of my need for perfection in everything I did.

I was one of those, who, my best was never good enough. So, I’d redo and redo trying to get it perfect. Or, I just wouldn’t do it at all, because I knew before I ever got started that it wouldn’t be perfect so why try.

Perfectionism is a long, maddening drive down a never-ending road for flawlessness. It provides no rest stops for mistakes, personal limitations or the changing of minds.

The pursuit of perfectionism can help you to stay locked in your self-limiting beliefs causing feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and self-doubt. It can cripple self-esteem, stifle creativity, and put a huge stepping stone in the way of creating a successful life and business.

Here are a few eye opening questions to help you find out how much of a perfectionist you are, and how it may be keeping you from creating the life and business you desire and deserve.

If you answered Yes to 14 or more of the questions, your need for perfectionism is most likely holding you back from creating the life and business you truly desire and deserve.

If you answered Yes to 8-14 questions you’re making slow progress but every time there’s a small mistake you allow it to set you back because feel defeated or even humiliated.

If you answered Yes to 2-8 questions you’re the type who always wants things to be as perfect as possible but you know no body is ever perfect all the time and take mistakes and missteps in stride.

Leave me a comment at the bottom to let me know how you did. As for me? I’m still a work in progress.

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Believing is Step One

“Every achiever that I have ever met says, ‘My life turned around when I began to believe in me.'”–Dr. Robert Schuller

,believeAs someone who’s had to do a lot of inner game work, it took me a long time to develop conviction in myself and in my ability to help others. But over the years I’ve come to understand that the belief you have about yourself and your abilities is the #1 factor in whether or not you’ll achieve your dreams.

I wanted to share with you a few of the beliefs that I’ve developed over the years that have helped me move forward and create the life and business I’ve always dreamed of having.

It’s my hope that one or two may help you too.

Believing is Step One

I strongly believe that every last one of us is pure unlimited potential and we can have, do or be anything we choose.

I believe our choices and corresponding actions determine just how successful we’ll be in life and in business.

I believe in taking baby-steps, consistent little wobbly baby-steps because each little wobbly step in the right direction will put you miles ahead of where you are right now.

I believe that success means many different things to many different people but to be successful everyone has to have at least one thing in common…passion. The passion to take action to make it happen.

I believe that as coaches and mentors we are Ultimate Soulution Providers for our ideal clients. And, we can use that to our advantage to build a passion based business that makes more money and changes more lives.

I believe as creatives that we need to do business differently than all those Guru’s say. We need to embody our authenticity, our spirituality, our sense of humor, and most importantly our desire to change as many lives as possible-including our own.

I also believe that it’s okay to be a work in progress as long as we continue to progress.

I believe that perfection is over rated. See above.

I believe that to create a passion based business that makes more money and changes more lives that we need to educate-ourselves and others, enlighten-ourselves and others, and we need to extend ourselves further than ever before. Leave the comfort zone behind and step into our circle of unlimited potential.

I believe that it’s time we learned to embrace the “Say Yes to Success” mojo mindset and say “Say Yes,” to creating the life and business we desire and deserve.

Most importantly I believe in you and your dream of creating a long-term sustainable successful business s that makes you more money and changes more lives-including your own. We can’t do this work without without growing, changing and expanding our own lives. And, I’d love to support you in doing that.

Believing in you and your dreams all ways and always,

Serve Greatly. Add Value. Make Money.

Shonda Taylor aka…the Sage of Success

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How to Hit Your Peak Day After Day

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”–Robert Collier

blackboard-398453_1280As challenging as your work life can be, sometimes the biggest challenge of all is just staying motivated. We have a hundred tasks vying for our attention. Events happen in our personal lives that can get us off course. They can all take their toll on our motivation levels.

And yet these days, most of us don’t have the luxury of performing at anything less than our peak. Hitting that peak day after day is a challenge in its own right. But if we pay attention to the basics, and lock them into place, we can stay on a strong course.

The very first place to start is to assess whether you really believe you can achieve your goals. This may seem obvious, but the importance of this point is easy to overlook. As motivational speaker and trainer Brian Tracy puts it, you simply cannot achieve something you don’t believe you can achieve.

A related point has to do with making sure your work is aligned with your talents and your values. To work at your peak, you do must be in sync with what you enjoy doing and with what you believe in.

Even when you are completely in sync with your goals, you are still bound to hit occasional psychic roadblocks when you look at the piles of papers, the seemingly endless to-do list, the voicemail light flashing, the email alert blinking and it all seems too much.

Here are some ideas to get going and stay going at a peak level:

Start each day with a review of your goals. In a 24/7 world, it’s easy to lose sight of where you ultimately want to go. Take the 30 minutes at the beginning of each day, when your mind is still clear, to review your goals. Start with your big goals and then put today’s work in the context of achieving them. If there is a chronic discrepancy between your long-term goals and what you are planning to work on today, it will unmistakably emerge in these early morning sessions.

Figure out your “next actions.” When you are overwhelmed with a seemingly endless to-do list, many motivational experts recommend starting with anything in order to “get some points on the board” by checking something off the list. While doing something may be better than doing nothing, doing the right thing is better still. David Allen, a well-known productivity consultant, recommends identifying the next physical action required for each of your open projects. That way, your to-do list is not encumbered with everything, but just with the “next things.” No matter what you do on the list, you will be accomplishing something that matters.

Do nothing. Another way to sustain your motivation is to periodically do nothing. Turn off your smart phone, shut down your computer, shut off your iPad—actually take 20 minutes or so to truly do nothing but sit and relax. If you are unfamiliar with this process, the first time will seem like torture after about five minutes. But with a little practice you will find that a brief respite of real quiet can be tremendously rejuvenating.

Look to your energy levels. Consider the advice of performance consultants Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz who say, “Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.” After years studying professional athletes, they realized that in many ways, your brain is exactly like the muscles in your body. Too much work will strain it and you will perform below your peak. (Too little mental work will cause the same result, but not many of us face that issue.)

Having this kind of plan in place doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing, but it does set you up to have the best possible chance for sustaining a level of motivation that will contribute positively to your success.

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Unknown Number-Really?

Please think about your legacy, because you’re writing it every day. – Gary Vaynerchuck

Quick Tip1Earlier today I had a call scheduled with another coach regarding a coaching program they were offering. I was very interested in getting this information.

I thought it might be a good opportunity to polish my skills. But at the time the call was scheduled nothing.

So I checked my phone and there a missed call from an unknown number and a voice mail from the coach saying that they tried to call.

Now, I was sitting waiting on the call. But because it came from “unknown” the call was sent to my voice mail. And, of course since the number was unknown I couldn’t return the call.

Being a successful coach means running a successful coaching business. It’s true you are in the business of service and being of service to your inner circle. But, in order to run a successful business you have to act and look like a business.

And, that means not using a privacy block or an unknown number when contacting your inner circle. Most people won’t answer an unknown number because it’s usually a sales call or in this day a phishing call or it get’s blocked and sent directly to voice mail.

If you feel you need privacy then set a business number and when you schedule your conversations, include the number you will be calling from. This gives the appearance that you want to create relationships and be service to your inner circle…not hide from them.

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“Success Words”

“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs.” –James Allen

What you believe about creating success in your life and your business may just determine how successful you are. The truth is that no matter whether you’re extremely successful or not, if you’re focused on success, a large portion of your thoughts are all about your how you can be more successful.

The real difference between those who are extremely successful in business and those who continue to scrape by is that those who scrape by really don’t understand just how to create success. In order to create success you have to fully believe that you can and then take action. If you actively seek to create success, you will. If you passively seek to create success, you won’t.

Actively seeking success means that you first must believe that you are already successful. No matter whether you are or not. Your mindset must be in “I Am” mode. You have to think like the successful do. You have to have the confidence not only to look for opportunities but also to jump on them as they come your way. Once an opportunity passes you by, you may never have that opportunity again.

If you continue passively seeking success you’ll simply continue to scrape by. Passively seeking success simply means that you are allowing all your opportunities to pass you by. You have to change your mindset to “How can I create more success, instead of “I’ll never be as successful as they are?”

Changing Your Mindset

Success or failure are both just mindsets. What you believe you are…you become. You can’t allow whatever choices you’ve made to this point dictate how you move forward. What you can do in this very moment right now is make the choice to move forward. Not remain stuck in your current mindset.

Moving forward will take commitment. It will take effort. It will take consistency. It will take the ability to try new things. It will take the desire to change. It will stepping into your circle of unlimited potential.

But above all, it will take conviction. The unwavering belief that you can do it. If you can find these qualities hidden somewhere deep within yourself then you’re ready to begin “talking” yourself into creating the success you desire.

In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich he says, “All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” To create this idea you must first decide exactly how much success you want to achieve and by what date you wish to achieve it.

Make this a challenge but not something so outrageous you’ll get frustrated and quit before you see any results.

Now take a 3×5 card and write on the card, the exact amount of success you’d like to achieve and the date which you expect to achieve it. Also, write on the card, “I AM a success. I actively seek opportunities from which I can create success. I intend to be successful by this date.

Success Words

Carry this card with you, memorize it, and repeat your affirmation with feeling several times a day. Repeat it loudly enough that you can hear it. Make it the first thing you say upon waking and the last thing you say before going to sleep. These “success words” will soon burn their way in to your subconscious mind.

Using affirmations will help you to start thinking from a position of success and stop thinking from a position of failure. When it comes to creating success, we generally devote most of our thoughts to how hard it’s going to be to obtain it. This type of thinking just keeps us stuck. We don’t ever, pardon the over-used phrase, think outside the box. We just keep rolling with what we know.

And once the ball starts rolling we find ourselves so buried in a failure mentality that we can’t dig a way out. Affirmations help to clear a path. They break up some of the negative energy and allow some positive energy to flow.

By focusing more and more on the positive energy, you notice that things will start to change. You’ll begin feel a vibrational shift that will allow you to create positive situations. Your subconscious mind will now be more focused on the new positive beliefs and discard the old self-limiting beliefs.

You can’t simply expect anything to change if you say an affirmation for a few minutes a day and then continue your negative thinking. Remember changing old habits can take lifetime if you let it. But, if you’re committed to making the change, it can happen very quickly. Results will come as fast as you choose for them to.


Continue to say your affirmation and as you do start to look for opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere. You just have to learn to recognize them and be ready to take advantage of them. “Success likes speed” so don’t worry about the “how,” if an opportunity arises grab it. Believe that the “how” will take care of itself.

As you see more and more opportunities arise the “how” will finally become clear. The people, the places, and the things that you need to create success will fall in to place. Once these things fall in to place it’s time to make a definitive plan.

On the same card, you wrote your affirmation now write your plan. Repeat the affirmation as you had before except add the plan to it. Have faith that this will help you create the success you want. The more you work with your affirmation the quicker you’ll change your old beliefs.

Once you change your mindset from passive to active you’ll soon believe that you are successful and the more you believe it the more successful you’ll be and the more success you’ll continue to create.

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