“What you love you empower. What you fear you empower. What you empower you attract.”

Who’s Shonda?

I’m known as…the Tour de Force of Transformation! Because, it’s my passion to help transform the lives and businesses of purpose-driven coaches, authors and speakers, who struggle to build their business and share their life changing message because they’re afraid of being seen as a fraud.

I’m an “out and proud Woo-Trepreneur” who works tireless to help my clients understand they can connect the two very distinct worlds of spirituality and solid business practices. I mentor my clients to take the “enlightened path” to business success by embracing a mojo-mindset that allows them to get clear and ditch the fear, go from petrified to positioned, purge their need for perfection, embrace their expertise and take their message from “meh” to mesmerizing so they can make more money and change more lives…including their own!

I’m honored to be a nationally recognized number one best-selling author and speaker who’s expertise in Education Based Marketing and Mindset has been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and in the The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and The Fort Worth Star Telegram.

I’m so passionate about helping my clients because I also struggled with debilitating fear. I was so afraid of being seen as fraud in the early days of my business that for two years I wouldn’t even try to get any clients. But, the one thing that I came to understand during that time is, when it comes to stepping up, having the right mindset and the right message is far more important than having the right skill set.

If I can help support you to create a mojo mind-set so you can share your life changing message with those who need to hear it, I’d love to invite you to join me for your free 60-minute Say Yes to Success-V.I.P. Experience.